Oswegatchie Ropes - Adirondack Ropes Course
If you are looking for a ropes course in New York, we have a great opportunity for you!


Oswegatchieropes.com is hosted in United States / San Francisco . Oswegatchieropes.com uses HTTPS protocol. Number of used technologies: 7. First technologies: AJAX Libraries API, CSS, Html, Number of used javascripts: 6. First javascripts: TemplateArtifacts.js, Jquery.min.js, Main.js, Number of used analytics tools: 2. First analytics tools: Google Analytics, Quantcast Measurement, Number of used plugins, modules: 0. Its server type is: Apache. Its CMS is: Webly.

Technologies in use by Oswegatchieropes.com


Number of occurences: 7
  • AJAX Libraries API
  • CSS
  • Html
  • Html5
  • Iframe
  • Javascript
  • Php



Number of occurences: 6
  • templateArtifacts.js
  • jquery.min.js
  • main.js
  • ftl.js
  • plugins.js
  • custom.js

Content Management System

Number of occurences: 1
  • Webly


Number of occurences: 2
  • Google Analytics
  • Quantcast Measurement

Server Type

  • Apache

Conversion rate optimization

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HTTPS (SSL) - Oswegatchieropes.com

SSL certificate

    • name: / Francisco/businessCategory=Private Organization/serialNumber=4277212/O=Weebly, Inc./OU=Web Services/CN=www.weebly.com
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      • UNDEF:
        • 0: US
        • 1: Delaware
      • C: US
      • ST: California
      • L: San Francisco
      • businessCategory: Private Organization
      • serialNumber: 4277212
      • O: Weebly, Inc.
      • OU: Web Services
      • CN: www.weebly.com
    • hash: 0759ea11
    • issuer:
      • C: US
      • O: GeoTrust Inc.
      • CN: GeoTrust EV SSL CA - G4
    • version: 2
    • serialNumber: 163074596613821496350127820494981326711
    • validFrom: 140930000000Z
    • validTo: 160922235959Z
    • validFrom_time_t: 1412035200
    • validTo_time_t: 1474588799
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      • subjectAltName: DNS:mobileapi.weebly.com, DNS:secure.weebly.com, DNS:ssl.weebly.com, DNS:weebly.com, DNS:www.weebly.com
      • basicConstraints: CA:FALSE
      • keyUsage: Digital Signature, Key Encipherment
      • crlDistributionPoints: Full Name: URI:http://gm.symcb.com/gm.crl
      • certificatePolicies: Policy: CPS: https://www.geotrust.com/resources/repository/legal User Notice: Explicit Text: https://www.geotrust.com/resources/repository/legal
      • extendedKeyUsage: TLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
      • authorityKeyIdentifier: keyid:DE:CF:5C:50:B7:AE:02:1F:15:17:AA:16:E8:0D:B5:28:9D:6A:5A:F3
      • authorityInfoAccess: OCSP - URI:http://gm.symcd.com CA Issuers - URI:http://gm.symcb.com/gm.crt

Meta - Oswegatchieropes.com

Number of occurences: 4
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    Content: text/html; charset=utf-8
  • Name: description
    Content: If you are looking for a ropes course in New York, we have a great opportunity for you!
  • Name: keywords
    Content: ropes course, team building, adirondacks, new york, Tug Hill
  • Name: viewport
    Content: width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0

Server / Hosting

  • IP:
  • Latitude: 37.80
  • Longitude: -122.40
  • Country: United States
  • City: San Francisco


  • ns66.domaincontrol.com
  • ns65.domaincontrol.com
  • smtp.secureserver.net
  • mailstore1.secureserver.net


  • dns.jomax.net

HTTP Header Response

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 00:21:29 GMT Server: Apache Location: http://www.oswegatchieropes.com/ Vary: Accept-Encoding Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 X-W-DC: SFO HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 00:21:29 GMT Server: Apache Set-Cookie: is_mobile=0; path=/; domain=www.oswegatchieropes.com Set-Cookie: language=en; expires=Thu, 28-Apr-2016 00:21:29 GMT; Max-Age=1209600; path=/ Cache-Control: private ETag: W/"0dba73f4ea68568221f2932afc3934ea" Vary: Accept-Encoding,User-Agent X-Host: pages12.sf2p.intern.weebly.net X-UA-Compatible: IE=edge,chrome=1 Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 X-W-DC: SFO


host: oswegatchieropes.com
  1. class: IN
  2. ttl: 3600
  3. type: A
  4. ip:
host: oswegatchieropes.com
  1. class: IN
  2. ttl: 3600
  3. type: NS
  4. target: ns66.domaincontrol.com
host: oswegatchieropes.com
  1. class: IN
  2. ttl: 3600
  3. type: NS
  4. target: ns65.domaincontrol.com
host: oswegatchieropes.com
  1. class: IN
  2. ttl: 3600
  3. type: SOA
  4. mname: ns65.domaincontrol.com
  5. rname: dns.jomax.net
  6. serial: 2012010500
  7. refresh: 28800
  8. retry: 7200
  9. expire: 604800
  10. minimum-ttl: 3600
host: oswegatchieropes.com
  1. class: IN
  2. ttl: 3600
  3. type: MX
  4. pri: 0
  5. target: smtp.secureserver.net
host: oswegatchieropes.com
  1. class: IN
  2. ttl: 3600
  3. type: MX
  4. pri: 10
  5. target: mailstore1.secureserver.net

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